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Social Security Disability

Talented Social Security Disability Attorneys in Georgia Assist in Your Quest for Benefits

Serving Disabled Individuals In Whitfield County

If a serious injury or disability leaves you no longer able to work, you may be able to collect benefits through the Social Security disability benefits program. This is usually a long and confusing process, and you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed without the counsel of knowledgeable Social Security disability attorneys at Mitchell & Mitchell, PC in Dalton.

As a law firm that has represented families and community members throughout north Georgia for more than 85 years, we have the background and reputation to help you find success in attaining disability benefits.

Injured and Need a Steady Income?

Work with an Attentive SSD Law Firm in Dalton to Apply for Disability

Experiencing a debilitating injury or medical condition is difficult enough, and the thought of being unable to financially support yourself or your family can cause a great deal of worry. Fortunately, the Social Security disability (SSD) system is in place to help during these times. The process for obtaining benefits is complex, however, so you need a qualified disability law firm in Georgia to advise you.

Mitchell & Mitchell is dedicated to helping families as they seek SSD benefits for the family member(s) who can no longer work. We provide sound advice throughout the process, including the following services:

  • Initial Application. While you may apply for SSD benefits yourself, it’s helpful to consult with a lawyer about a more efficient process. Our Social Security disability attorneys in Dalton have worked with hundreds of claimants in the past, and we know what makes for a successful application.

  • Appeals. Roughly, 70 percent of all SSD benefits claims are denied the first time, but there is a thorough appeals process you can use if this happens to you. Your first step is to file a Request for Re-Consideration, in which the Social Security Administration reviews your claim a second time. If your claim is still denied, you can appear in front of an administrative law judge and make your argument for why you feel you qualify for benefits. Mitchell & Mitchell will advocate for you at this hearing.

  • Claim Litigation. In some cases, you may need to use litigation to get the SSD benefits you need. This may include appealing the administrative law judge’s decision and taking your case to federal district court. You need an experienced SSD claim litigation attorney to help you through this complex process.

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For thorough guidance through the SSD application and appeals processes, consult with Mitchell & Mitchell. Set up an appointment with our team by calling (706) 508-6408 or contacting us online. We serve individuals and families throughout Whitfield County and north Georgia