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Working To Minimize The Penalties After A Drunk Driving Arrest

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you’ve been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the consequences for one error in judgment can be severe. When you stand accused of this offense, speak with a criminal lawyer at Mitchell & Mitchell, PC.

At our Dalton firm, we diligently represent our friends and neighbors against DUI charges so that one mistake doesn’t ruin their entire lives. We’ve served the North Georgia area for more than 85 years and have the experience and reputation to deliver positive results for you.

Arrested or Charged for
Driving Under the Influence?

How A Dalton Criminal Law Firm Can Help With Your DUI Charges

While in the most serious cases a DUI conviction can result in jail time, one of the most common and problematic penalties is a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Losing your driving privileges can significantly impact your personal and professional lives, and can limit your ability to do your job and earn a living. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you could lose your job altogether.

With this in mind, you must seek the counsel of a criminal defense law firm that has helped hundreds of local community members defend themselves against DUI charges. Immediately upon taking on your case, a good criminal defense lawyer in Dalton looks for the following factors:

  • Procedures Used by Law Enforcement. When stopping you for suspected drunk driving, police officers must follow strict procedures. If you were unfairly stopped or improperly given field sobriety or Breathalyzer tests, we argue that the charges against you cannot stand.

  • Condition of Testing Equipment. Despite popular belief, blood alcohol level testing equipment is not accurate 100 percent of the time. We analyze the equipment used in your arrest to cast doubt on its readings.

  • Possibility for Reduced Charges. We seek to have your charges reduced or completely dropped, demonstrating your good driving record and responsible behavior. This can help you avoid jail time, keep your driver’s license and clear your record after a designated amount of time has passed.

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