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Personal Injury Advocates in Your Corner

After getting injured — especially if the injury was caused by someone else — the last thing you want to do is to take legal action that causes you to stray focus from your recovery. That is where the attorneys at Mitchell & Mitchell, PC, in Dalton, Georgia come in.

Car and semi-truck accidents can result in devastating injuries to your body and damage to your vehicle. With the help of experienced personal injury attorneys, you can seek compensation that could help you pay for medical bills, lost wages while you stay home from work to recover, car repairs, and much more. With these experienced personal injury attorneys at your side, you will be able to concentrate on recovering back to health.

Medical malpractice is the act of a healthcare worker or professional acting against standards that cause serious injury, illness, or even death to their patients. If this has happened to you or your loved one, you may be entitled to compensation with the help of knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys.

If you were injured at work and your employer has denied responsibility, file a workers' compensation claim to seek compensation. No matter what your Dalton, Georgia personal injury case involves, Mitchell & Mitchell, PC, can help you. They proudly serve all of Northwest Georgia, including the communities of Dalton, Chatsworth, Ringgold, Lafayette, Calhoun, Ellijay, and Blue Ridge.

Experience & Knowledge is Key

Not only should your attorney know the ins and outs of the law regarding your case, but they could be rendered useless if an attorney is not experienced working on a case like yours. Mitchell & Mitchell, PC is nearing its 100th year of providing counsel, and they have a strong reputation as attorneys that know what they're doing.

If you're going through a divorce or child custody dispute, you need an empathetic family law attorney that will put the child's best interest first as they strive to reach an amicable resolution. Don't go through the process of divorce alone, they can help you and your family reach a reasonable solution or compromise to move forward with.

The criminal defense attorneys at Mitchell & Mitchell, PC, have helped clients with a wide range of felony or misdemeanor charges, including those that have been charged with DUI. Fight for your freedom behind the wheel with the help of an experienced Dalton, Georgia lawyer.

Among the attorneys' many different areas of practice are real estate law, estate planning, and veterans' disability. No matter what legal matter you come to them with, they have most likely worked with a client that has been in your shoes. To see if your case qualifies for a free consultation, reach out today by filling out the form below or calling.