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The dissolution of a marriage is usually tough on both spouses, as a relationship that was once based on love is ending. Combined with this emotional stress are a variety of legal concerns. You need a skilled attorney to help you deal with them in a swift and effective manner. At Mitchell & Mitchell, PC, we have been representing families in north Georgia since 1924, and we have the respect of our fellow legal professionals in the region. We work tirelessly toward your goals, ensuring you move on successfully with your life after your divorce.

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There are two main types of divorce — contested and uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree to all of the terms, including alimony, division of assets, child custody and child support. A contested divorce is one in which there is disagreement on one or more of these items, in which case you may need mediation or court action. To get the process started, work with a divorce lawyer in Dalton you can trust to advocate for you, especially if your divorce is a contested one.

Once you file for divorce, you and your attorney determine if yours is a fault or no-fault divorce, which can affect the settlement you reach. The differences between these two types of divorce are outlined below:

  • No-fault. In many cases, divorce comes as a result of no one’s particular wrongdoing — it’s just that you and your spouse feel that you can no longer live together and maintain your marriage. It’s common for someone filing for divorce to cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the marriage’s dissolution.

  • Fault. In other situations, the divorce is occurring because one spouse engaged in irresponsible behavior, such as adultery, domestic abuse or crime resulting in a prison sentence. It’s sometimes difficult to determine if a particular action or behavior can be faulted for a divorce, so consult with an experienced Georgia divorce law firm to fully explore your options.

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