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I Have Been Married for 15 years. I Have Three Children, and My Spouse Wants a Divorce. What Are My Rights Regarding Alimony, Child Custody, and Child Support? Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Feb. 10, 2023

The specific laws and regulations of surrounding alimony, child custody, and child support vary from state to state in the US. To best understand your rights and responsibilities, the attorneys at Mitchell & Mitchell highly recommend seeking the advice of a qualified family law attorney. 

With regards to alimony, the court may award spousal support to one spouse based on factors such as the length of the marriage, each spouses income and earning potential, and each spouse's contributions to the marriage. 

Child custody and child support are also determined by the court based on the best interests of the children. The court will consider factors such as the parent's work schedules, the children’s relationships with each parent, and each parent's ability to provide a safe and stable home environment. 

A lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and represent your interests in court. They can also help you negotiate a settlement with your spouse that takes into account your needs and those of your children. In divorce cases involving significant assets or complex financial arrangements, it can be especially beneficial to have a lawyer on your side.